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One of the greatest benefits of sailing, cruising and just waiting around marinas for weather to pass, is the great many people one meets.  In our trip down the ICW, we met many people who were more than willing to go out of their way to assist us in the smallest of things.

We also met many fellow sailors who provided many memorable moments that we have recalled many times in telling our friends at home about our trip.


One such couple was Joy & Dean, sailing "Lady Hawk", a C&C 29, from Canada.  We met Joy & Dean on our first day out.  We were heading into Reedville, Va for the night, and could not decide where to anchor or even where the correct channel was located.  So we decided to follow this monohull, who we thought acted like they knew where they were going!  We ended up in the same little marina, and soon discovered they were from Canada and didn't know anymore than we did on where was the best place to anchor or which marina was better! 

We spent the evening having a drink, getting acquainted and talking about sailing and our different plans on where we were heading.  We ended up having many laughs over the next three weeks, some at Dean's expense, some at my expense.  We had a great deal of fun, and made some great friends!  We celebrated Canada's Thanksgiving with Dean & Joy, which happened to correspond with our Veterans Day!  We had "Turkey Burgers" and all the trimmings.  A great dinner with a very nice couple.  Deb & I will always remember when Canada celebrates Thanksgiving! 

Dean and Joy are stilling heading South, to visit Cuba and beyond.  We wish them luck and hope to meet up with them again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Another great couple is Tom and Pat, from Texas.  Tom and Pat sail a monohull by the name of "SWAN".  We first ran into Swan at the Alligator River Marina.  We shared several "Gin & Tonics" and had some great conversation.  A very nice couple to sail with, very experienced and knowledgeable cruisers, who take the time to stop and smell the roses.  We enjoyed their company on many evenings and at several different marinas.  Tom & Pat live on their boat year round and I am truly jealous.  We are looking forward to meeting up with Tom & Pat perhaps in April when we bring Misty Morn II back to the Chesapeake Bay.  Hopefully, we can arrange a visit if they make it up the Chesapeake Bay in 2003!.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ever wonder what the definition of "Hospitality" is to a boating couple?  Deb and I discovered the definition of "Hospitality" one evening as we pulled into the "Osprey Marina" just South of Myrtle Beach, SC.  We had sailed a long distance that particular day and wanted to make it to the marina before dark.  Dean & Joy were close behind and we were pushing our luck to make our selected destination by night fall.

As we pulled into the marina, a fellow boater came over to assist us in tying up for the night.  Turns out that this friendly boaters name is Lewis!  As we exchanged the names of our home ports, we mentioned we were from Alexandria, Va.  Lewis stated he had a good friend in Alexandria who owns a Shell station in Holland Hall.  Turns out that we live less than a mile from the Shell station, and Deb went to high school with Lewis' friend!  It is truly a small world.

We finished tying up, thanked Lewis for his assistance and started to go about our business of getting a much needed shower.  Next thing we knew Lewis and his wife Sherrie, we inviting us to join them and their friends on their boat for a  SC Football Party.  They invited us, and our Canadian friends.  The friendship, fun, food and Sherrie entertaining us with her funny stories, made the evening complete!

It did not matter that we had just met, it did not matter that we really needed a shower, the only thing that mattered was that we had a friend in common, we shared the adventure of sailing, and we made some very nice friends that night.

Meeting Lewis & Sherrie was truly a high point of our trip, they are surely the definition of "Hospitality"!  We extend an open invitation to Lewis & Sherrie, to visit us on the Chesapeake Bay.......anytime they are in our area.  We will make an attempt to return your great hospitality.

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