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    Gemini 3400

             A Day of Sailing
                   By: Michael Whitt

The morning mist rose gently into the sky,
As the gentle morning winds blew it by,
We knew the morning mist would not last,
Since the hot sun was rising ever so fast.

At we pulled out of the slip,
The bows of our catamaran slowly dipped,
Into the water and the breezy day,
Promising an exciting sail on the bay.

The main sail was bellowing from the wind,
We glided through the water like a Great White's fin,
As we rounded the final bend,
Both the main and headsail caught the wind.

We sailed for many a mile,
We both were content and beamed a broad smile,
We were headed for a favorite spot,
Far and away from any manmade dock!

As we sat at anchor that night,
We were blessed with a unique and beautiful site,
The sun was setting in the East,
We were relaxed and engulfed in the serenity and peace.

              Sailing A Dream
By: Michael Whitt

The sun was setting the sky was red,
Our bodies ached for our soft bed.
An evening drink on the portside,
Our love for sailing we could not hide.

Our head was spinning from our drunkenness,
Not derived from "Tonic and Gin",
No, we had earned a natural grogginess,
Through sailing with the wind.

The day had provided many wonders,
Even included a few simple blunders.
A day of sailing so gratifying,
Hoping for tomorrow to be as enticing.

As we enjoyed our simple dinner,
We knew in our hearts that we were winners.
To have sailed with a sky so blue, a love so true,
We had just proven that dreams come true.

           The Novice Sailor
By Michael Whitt

The young man was looking for fun,
To sail blue waters enjoying the bright sun.
The parts of the boat he knew not,
In fact he couldn't tie a knot.

He would sail the seas,
And enjoy the breeze,
He would learn sailing on the go,
Looking for a rainbow and a pot of gold.

There came a storm one night,
His mate was full of fright,
As she clung to the lifeline throughout the night,
He fought to keep his boat up right.

He soon realized the lesson to be,
Always be respectful of the sea,
And be ready to bail, bail, bail,
If you know not how to sail!

             The Cruising Sailor
By Michael Whitt

To own your first boat,
To sail your first sail,
Is a dream that some people,
May never be able to tell.

A sailor knows in his heart the day will come,
For he, and his partner in life, to fortunately succumb,
To a life sailing on the waterways under the sun,
As a Cruising sailor with endless days and a world of fun.

Your trip may begin on the Chesapeake Bay,
And perhaps sail to Montego Bay,
The sites one sees while sailing the seas,
Are memories of a cruising sailor who has been set free.

Free of time and responsibility,
While maintaining his simple humility,
As a sailor he knows for sure,
That he has found his cure.

A cure for his underpaid and overworked life,
A cure quite pleasing to his beautiful wife,
A cure of a simple life that was meant to be,
Sailing with his wife on the seven seas.

              Night Anchorage
By Michael Whitt

We slowly sipped a tonic and gin,
Relaxing and waiting for the night to begin,
While steaming in the blue granite pot,
Both mussels and clams deliciously hot.

As we slurped the wonderful feast,
The sky slowly darkened in the East,
We secretly hoped the red sky that night,
Would provide tomorrow's sailing delight.

The scrumptious feast we did finish,
And then quickly replenished,
Our glasses with ice, tonic and gin,
To sip as we star gazed and listened to the wind.

Above in the sky was a most beautiful site,
The Big Dipper with its stars ever so bright,
As we held each other close and watched above,
We shared the night, the stars and our love.


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