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This page is dedicated to the relization of a dream of sailing, and the wonderful lady who helped make it a dream that came true. 
This lady is my wife , Co-Captain, and First Mate!

      To Love a Woman and a Dream
By:  Michael Whitt

I searched for a woman of beauty and charm,
To always have holding on to my arm.
I searched for a woman full of life,
I searched for this woman to be my wife.

I dream a dream of adventure and sailing,
A dream of sailing to venture without failing,
I dream of sailing into the darkness of the night,
All the while with your love so bright!

I dream of sun lit beaches covered in soft sand,
With your love and heart in my hands.
I dream of a quiet little home,
Where we can be all alone.

I dream of adventure, that is true,
I dream of the sun lit sky quite blue,
I dream of sharing with only you!

I don't dream for wishes and wealth,
I dream only for your good health!
I don't dream of tears and sorrow,
I only dream of our tomorrow!

I searched the world for a woman like you,
I searched for a love to be ever so true,
My search was complete, the day I married you!

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